YouTube is about to disappear from the Roku app library

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YouTube could disappear from the Roku library (Photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Ilustration / File Photo)

The date the YouTube app disappear from the library of Year It is just around the corner. As said in previous months, if both companies do not reach an agreement this December 9 the Google service will no longer be available.

There are two days until the technological decide if YouTube will stay in the store Roku apps. In the event of a refusal, former users will be able to keep the service; however, new ones will not have access to it.

This leaves customers trapped in the middle of stagnant negotiations between technology companies, since previously the application of YouTube TV it had already been removed from the Roku channel store; Those who already had it were able to continue using it normally and the new ones who no longer found it available.

However, YouTube is much more popular and used as it is the largest video platform in the world, so its removal from the roku store It could mean a hit of Google to the company.

A video sign shows the Roku Inc logo in New York, USA. (Photo: REUTERS / Brendan McDermid)

The deadline is near, and far from an agreement, Google y Roku They have only publicly shown their frustrations in recent months.

Year has accused the great technological of having anti-competitive behavior, ensuring that its terms and requests go beyond those of other major streaming services.

For its part, Google Maintains that Roku’s allegations are unfounded and criticized the company for trying to negotiate new deals for YouTube TV and YouTube simultaneously, rather than handling them separately. In addition, it was false that they were asking for data from their users’ searches.

He also pointed out that the YouTube application has an option to access YouTube TV for those who subscribe for $ 65 per month. However, Roku branded Google a controller.

Illustrative image from YouTube (Photo: REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson)

If they do not reach an agreement in the next few hours, Roku, which had distinguished itself by its wide selection of applications, could lose YouTube and with it, that reputation that until now it had maintained, since the video company it would leave a great void in your catalog.

It should be remembered that Amazon Fire TV devices they went through something similar. For more than a year they did not have the official YouTube application, as the companies had not reached an agreement. After a long wait, users already have it.

Another case was that of Apple TV that from the beginning has managed to have YouTube in its decoders, although its differences with Google have cost it some delays such as 4K playback.

Roku system on a TV (Photo: File)

To the Roku users who don’t have the YouTube app yet, are reminded that this is a good time to download and save it to your library before anything can happen.

Do not forget that Google has Chromecast, your own device video streaming with which it also competes with other services to win over users.

Last January Roku reported that it purchased the global distribution rights to the content library from To whom. More than 75 programs and documentaries from that platform were made available this year at the Roku ad-supported free channel.


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Orignally published on 2021-12-08 01:16:19 by

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