YouTube for Android adds new listening controls for easier music playback

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A handy little feature, but it’s exclusive to Premium subscribers

YouTube Premium subscribers get a number of worthwhile perks, such as add-free content, downloads, and access to YouTube Music. There are also a number of smaller exclusive features that enhance the experience, and this latest one fits into that category. If you’re listening to music in the YouTube app, you’ll now be able to bring up new controls that make it a little more like a dedicated music-streaming app.

The new feature (first spotted by 9to5Google) isn’t just available for music videos, either — you can use it on any video you like. However, it’s clearly intended for videos you’ll likely just want the audio for since a little chip is displayed allowing easy access. The other way to get there is via the three-dot menu and finding Listening controls in the list.


As you can see in these screenshots, the new UI gives you more granular controls over the video playback with always available buttons for skip forward and back, fast forward and backward 10 seconds, and play/pause. Secondary buttons for playback speed, saving to a list, and like are also present underneath. This much more closely aligns with the on-screen controls you’d expect from a music app, so if you happen to have a music session on YouTube (and don’t wish to use YouTube Music), this is pretty ideal.

The new feature should be available right away to all Android and iOS users, in the US and potentially elsewhere. I’m in the UK, and I’ve been able to use it, so it would appear to be fairly widely rolled out.

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Orignally published on 2021-12-04 00:51:01 by

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