When and how to plant liatris bulbs: expert advice to get it right

Orignally published on 2021-10-17 13:01:43 by

Wondering when and how to plant liatris bulbs? Liatris is an attractive plant with bottlebrush-shaped blooms that is native to Eastern North America. They bloom throughout the summer and provide attractive height in borders. Planting bulbs at the correct time of year is essential for success. 

The good news is that liatris requires little care once established. Plant it according to this expert advice and enjoy its distinctive flowers year after year.

Expert tips for how to plant liatris bulbs

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Lindsey Hyland, Founder of Urban Organic Yield recommends planting liatris ‘in a pot or directly into the ground. If you are growing them in your yard, put 2-3 inches of mulch on top of the ground before planting because they need a lot of moisture.’

Orignally published on 2021-10-17 13:01:43 by

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