Returnal adds Suspend Cycle to save your current run

Orignally published on 2021-10-27 15:00:21 by

Returnal is a very fun rougelike game. However, there was no save point to save your progress during one of your current runs that you might have been in. Many gamers saw this as a major problem since a single run in Returnal can be upwards of two hours or more. What this meant is that if you didn’t have a few hours free at a time, you would not be able to complete a run.

Returnal Patch 2.0 was just released and with that update came one of the most anticipated additions that the video game has been waiting for, a little something called Suspend Cycle.

Suspend Cycle allows players to temporarily save their run and turn off their PlayStation 5 if they so desire. This helps players who don’t want to play the game for multiple hours at a time complete a run in multiple sessions. However, something that needs to be noted is the word “temporarily.”

Suspend Cycle does allow you to save your run progress temporarily and for however long you would like, but as soon as you reload that suspend point, that save will no longer be there until you create a new suspend point. This shouldn’t be a huge problem. As long as you create a suspend point via the Suspend Cycle, no progress will be lost. The only thing you have to remember is that you need to create a new suspend point every time you want to stop playing during one of your current runs.

Another thing that needs to be noted with the Suspend Cycle feature is that there are some restrictions on when you can use this feature. You can’t use the Suspend Cycle feature if you are currently in any boss battles, cinematics, first-person sequences, or “intense combat scenarios”. At any other point in the game, the Suspend Cycle will work and save your progress. These restrictions are put in the game so that gamers can’t abuse the feature.

Housemarque is constantly listening to the community and doing everything that they can to make sure that they provide gamers the best possible game that they can offer. One problem has been fixed and the game is far from being perfect, but every little update and addition helps perfect the game a little bit more each time.

Orignally published on 2021-10-27 15:00:21 by

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