Orbeez Rainbow Beads Helped a Man Soak Up Water in His Flooded Basement

Orignally published on 2022-01-14 13:13:00 by

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Well, that’s exactly the mindset that husband-and-wife TikTok account @adventuresofbella used when their basement flooded with water. Instead of dealing with dozens of sopping-wet towels and getting on hands and knees for hours—or risking mildew and stagnant water—they thought of an inventive solution: a popular kids’ toy called Orbeez

These “rainbow water beads” are known for being able to increase in size exponentially when exposed to water. What starts as a teeny-tiny bead grows to be a thousand times larger than its original size in just four hours, and when you have hundreds (or thousands) of them, the transformation amazes and delights its main demographic—kids! As it turns out, they’re also quite ingenious for soaking up excess water in very little time, as was demonstrated in the two TikTok videos. (Watch here for the process and here for the result and cleanup.) 

In just one hour, the Orbeez soaked up a majority of the water in the flooded basement. While initially the idea seemed potentially counter-productive—is it really better to have a basement full of enlarged gel beads than water?—the user was able to scoop them up easily and quickly using a dust pan. All in all, it saved both time and mess. No one had to haul around dirty, soaked towels, and you can let the Orbeez dry out in a large storage container outside or dispose of them however you see fit. (While they’re biodegradable, it would take a while if thrown in the yard.)

If you’d like to stock up on a children’s toy and household cleaning hack all-in-one, shop the colorful water beads below. 

Orignally published on 2022-01-14 13:13:00 by

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