Oath Keepers stockpiled arsenal of rifles, ammunition in Jan. 6 plot — prosecutors

Orignally published on 2022-01-20 00:54:28 by www.axios.com

A group of Oath Keepers stockpiled an arsenal of rifles and ammunition just outside D.C. as part of an operation to stop the presidential transition of power on Jan. 6, prosecutors allege in a new court filing.

Why it matters: The details were revealed in a memo seeking pretrial detention of Ed Vallejo, one of 11 Oath Keepers charged with seditious conspiracy in connection to the Capitol insurrection. The group had allegedly planned on bringing in the additional weapons to violently prevent certification of President Biden’s election.

Details: Prosecutors allege the Oath Keepers amassed firearms, ammunition, tactical gear and 30 days’ worth of essential supplies in Arlington, Virginia — right across the river from D.C. — in the days leading up to Jan. 6.

  • In the hotel that served as its base, the group stockpiled “at least three luggage carts’ worth of gun boxes, rifle cases and suitcases filled with ammunition,” according to the prosecutors.
  • The group is accused of organizing into regional teams tasked with transporting the materials into D.C. and ensuring these groups were staged nearby.
  • The arsenal was ultimately “unnecessary” since the Oath Keepers were able to breach the Capitol with the pro-Trump mob, the court filing states.

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Orignally published on 2022-01-20 00:54:28 by www.axios.com

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