Niomi Smart #33 Vaccine expired, almost YouTube retired, we tattlers are just tired

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Well isn’t this the most active thread for the most boring person ever on Tattle?
Welcome to the 33rd hunger games, I mean Nimbicile’s worst nightmare, I mean Niomi Smart’s Tattle thread!

Thread title by your faithful servant, LE me, by 71 votes, very grateful to you all.
Extra special mention to the one and only @laplusheureuse96 Vaccine expired, questionably attired, always looking dull and tired, very close second with 55 votes :love::whistle:
And with 42 votes, third place goes to @[email protected] Niomi Smart #33: Vaccine’s expired, “delete” button’s tired, perhaps more magic crystals are required :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

So.. The dreaded moment.. The recap.. I prepared this as we’re going, and every time I added a new point I thought that it couldn’t get worse… But oh it did!

Oh man.. here we go:

  • We discussed in the first 8 pages the one and only problem in the world, the tragic event that lasted the last 2 years.. nope not Covid. It’s NioME’s fu$$ing break up. Some comments were actually very nice and informative. Much appreciated ❤
  • Forky and Niomy went to a church event for Christmas and held a candle together. And posted it to their instagram stories because otherwise it never happened. And that’s true love in 2021 between two very single friends who are forking and getting it done. You haters!!!
  • She got sick. And took one ☝🏻 day off. And felt angry about it. And made a whole insta post about it to inspire us to listen to our bodies. Terrina asked her in the comments if it was Covid. Her grandma.. And she kept posting sad posts about how sad it is to not run 35k because she’s sick. And Brad disappeared during the whole thing. And my last brain cell just killed itself while I was writing this whole drama episode.
  • The AMAHHHZING @sitkx is doing recaps of previous Nimdumb’s vlogmas videos.. and it’s litcheraly the funniest thing on tattle!! 😂 it makes this recap blush in comparison! The master of this thread title goes to you dear. Thank you for the sacrifice!
  • She watched Lalaland and it gets her. every. single. time. I have absolutely litcherally no idea why? Do you Joey?
  • Speaking of good old DJ.. Oh man.. it’s seems like not only he is still a free man who can eat peanut butter whenever he wants, but it seems like he’s still with Anna Banana. Can you imagine the drama in Nimsad’s shed? I mean house? Sad songs, sad lyrics, drama drama… As Rachel Green once said “Isn’t that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic!”
  • Remember I said that she took one day off because she was sick? Well it turned to 2 days, then 3 and you guessed it.. she has fucking covid! the sweet @mg95 did the math and we think that, while sick, she’s been in close contact with Forky, Charlotte, Big Tezza and Grandpa Ian, her cousin, her parents, younger sister, Charlotte and her party attendees, her tarot reader, the people at the retreat in Devon, her new friend with the dog.. But hey she’s so grateful because it happened now and not during Christmas.. and ow she can’t wait to go back to her normal social life, aka the 6am strolls in Joey’s neighborhood and the weekend forking with you know who.
  • Her comments gets worse guys because, as people started questioning her covid timing and lack of awareness, it seems that she got only one dose of the vaccine and she actually thinks that her « vaccine expired » that’s why she got COVID… No comment. I mean. I can’t. Like.. NO.
  • And because she has nothing else to do (her own words, not mine!), she has uploaded a video that nobody saw.. In a thread like this, that is SO on fire, the youtuber in question posts a video that we don’t even discuss! I swear I don’t even know what the title of the video is but hey… @sitkx will do us a recap next December!!
  • It seems like the new symptoms of covid are blocking people on IG or replying with: I tested negative and followed the government guidelines.
  • Covid or not covid, she always goes back to the one and only issue in her life. BEING HEARTBROKEN! So, Nimbicile keeps on insinuating that Joe cheated on her.. by eating peanut butter I guess? because that’s cheating too for Niomi no? But seriously… What a dilemma. Please vote on the poll and give us you opinion about this matter that nobody cares about.

Well guys, I’m gonna follow Nimdim’s own life advice and make this all about myself: I had my 3rd dose this afternoon and I can’t type anymore with the pain in my arm 😭 So I’m gonna stop here sorry guys!

Oh shit I almost forgot the best part:
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Oh moon!

Orignally published on 2021-12-08 00:16:25 by

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