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New documentary ‘Shots Fired’ examines police use of lethal force in Utah

Orignally published on 2021-11-21 22:18:43 by

Abby Ellis:

You know, the one thing that I can say stands out from this last legislative session is if you get a call that a suspect or a person is suicidal, it’s the officers not allowed to respond with lethal force. So that was a big thing that happened, that, you know, some of the people in our film, you could argue if that happens now, the legal ruling might have been much different. What’s really important for people to understand is that while it feels like police use of lethal force is getting wall to wall coverage in this country, there’s actually a data desert when it comes to the hard numbers and facts and figures around who is being shot, who is doing the shooting under what circumstances. And until we have better data collection, until the department starts collecting more data and it’s mandated at a state level, at a federal level, we’re going to continue to kind of try to come up with these solutions in the dark without having a full picture of what’s actually happening. And that’s something that came into sharp focus when we were trying to collect the data that we were collecting in Utah.

Orignally published on 2021-11-21 22:18:43 by

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