DnD Is Returning to “Classic” Locations in 2022

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Wizards of the Coasts confirms that its classic tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons will soon return to some of its more classic settings.

Wizards of the Coast announced that a variety of classic Dungeons & Dragons settings will soon make a grand return to the current edition of the seminal role-playing game.

During the “Future of D&D” panel at the 2021 D&D Celebration online event, executive producer Ray Winninger confirmed that 2022 will see the return of several old-school stories and locations. “You may recall that we talked about having plans to revisit some of D&D‘s classic settings. We mentioned that there were three of the classic D&D settings that were in development at the studio. We released the first of those this year, with Ravenloft,” said Winninger. “I’ve also since said that next year the other two settings… are both coming out next year [2022]. So look for the return of two major classic D&D settings.”

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Winninger did not elaborate on the content of these mysterious settings, rather elaborating that both will take on relatively modern forms and appearances. “Both of those [settings] are going to actually be published in formats we’ve never really published products in before,” continued Winninger. “So we have very new ways of presenting each of those. We’re very excited about them.”

Yet Winninger’s announcements didn’t stop there as he went on to make reveal more news. “I can add a couple of new little pieces of information. First of all, next year… you’re gonna get just a little, little peek at a third classic D&D setting. There’s a little cameo appearance of a third setting.” Winninger then goes on to confirm that yet another classic setting will release in 2023.

Players who want to look to the future rather than the past are also in luck. Within the same panel, the developers on Dungeons & Dragons confirmed that they had begun work on the next “evolution” of the role-playing game. This updated core rulebook will launch in 2024 and will be fully compatible with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.

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An updated ruleset wouldn’t be new for Dungeons & Dragons. Long-time fans will recall that the third edition of the game also experienced a rulebook update, resulting in a system many referred to as “3.5 Edition.”

The latest setting for Dungeons & Dragons, titled The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, launched on Sept. 21. While exploring a sinister fairground, players will be transported into the mysterious Feywilds, a place populated by mad rulers and all kinds of terrifying creatures. The adventure is available to purchase both physically and digitally.

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