Design showcase: Top five uplifting designs

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We discover five cleverly crafted hotels from Amsterdam to Macau that positively radiate happy vibes in the latest instalment of our ongoing collaboration with TOPHOTELDESIGN.

What is the purpose of design? Is it to use space wisely…or to make it seem calm and clean?

Designing a hotel’s identity

The beauty of this question is that there are many possible answers. That’s what makes design so interesting to analyse and comprehend. Instead of asking that question, think about what kind of traveller the hotel is designed for, or what identity the hotel wants to convey.

When it comes to mood, there’s plenty of positive moods a designer may want to achieve, ranging from barefoot-relaxed-mojito situations to silent-business-meeting environments.

Today, we’re sharing a selection of rooms that provoke happy and bright vibes.

Some elements that these projects have in common is the abundance of light and warm tones. Even if the room is teal-blue, as visible in Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa, the artificial light is bright yellow.

Colour is very related to emotions on a deep psychological level. Yellow is almost always linked to a sense of joy, cheeriness and playfulness. It reminds us of the sun, it has a bold personality and is not afraid to push boundaries.

Apart from that, check out the smart little details that were carefully placed by the designers: colourful patterns, a cloud of bright lamps, vibrant pieces of art, a hammock, a neon sign that reads ‘happy hour’, and plants (not a minor detail when it comes to mood).

We challenge you to spot these in the images below.

Nhow Amsterdam RAI

by OMA, Next Architects, MVSA Architects and GLG Arquitectos
Supplied by Tarkett

Imagery: © Guido Pijper

Wynn Palace Macau

by Wynn Resorts, MHA and Rockwell Group

Stay Kooook Bern Wankdorf

Bern, Switzerland
by ASTOC Architects and Planners, GWJ and JOI-Design Innenarchitekten

Room Mate Giulia

by Patricia Urquiola

Imagery: © Martin Mendez and Ludovic Magnoux

Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa


Imagery: © Natelee Cocks

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Orignally published on 2021-10-27 04:15:51 by

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