30 Vegan Breakfast Recipes

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Whether you’re a newly or longtime plant-based person in search of more satisfying ways to start your day, or just someone looking for protein-packed breakfast recipes outside of eggs and yogurt, this list is one live to by.

We’re sharing our best vegan breakfast recipes, from showstopping brunch dishes to easy breakfast bowls and decadent baked goods so good you’ll be baking up batches to freeze for future mornings.

Baked goods and sweets


Naturally sweet and nutrient-dense sweet potatoes get pureed for the frosting that drenches these pecan stuffed cinnamon rolls. They come out of the oven doughy, hot and sticky — the way all good sweet rolls should.

Honey-Blueberry Muffins


Samah Dada’s version of classic blueberry muffins are sweetened with just a touch of honey, which complements the juicy blueberries perfectly. These muffins are a perfect grab-and-go breakfast or a wonderful afternoon snack with a cup of coffee.

Chinese Kabocha Squash Cakes (Nan Gua Bing)

Megan Zhang

In China, these cakes are a common sweet treat, with different renditions made from other texturally similar gourds or stuffed with fillings like red bean paste. But the ease and simplicity of this three-ingredient version makes these kabocha squash cakes a go-to for breakfast (or dessert later that day).

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Can’t decide between cinnamon rolls and pancakes for breakfast? Now you don’t have to! Warm cinnamon and brown sugar get swirled into fluffy pancakes for the ultimate morning mashup.

Banana Doughnuts with Maple Glaze

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

These banana doughnuts are baked, not fried, making them perfect for a healthier breakfast or light dessert. Banana and maple is a classic combo. To jazz these up, you can add chocolate chips into the doughnuts or decorate the tops with sprinkles.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

This vegan pancake recipe results in fluffy, moist and incredibly tasty pancakes. Plus, they make the whole house smell heavenly.

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin Tops with Lemon-Cashew Glaze


These lemon-poppy seed muffin tops are an ode to a traditional lemon poppy seed muffin, but Dada added a twist: a smooth and creamy cashew glaze (that’s completely dairy-free) to top it all off. Another perk is that you don’t even need a muffin tin to make ’em. Genius!

Dylan Dreyer's Oatmeal-Banana Balls with Chocolate Chips

Getty Images

Perfect for on-the-go breakfasts and in-between mealtime snacks, these three-ingredient oatmeal balls are sweet and satisfying. The oats and bananas provide a heartiness needed for morning kickstarts and the chocolate chips (use dark vegan chocolate) give a little boost of energy with antioxidants.

Chocolate Chip-Banana Bread Oatmeal Bars

Samah Dada

If you’ve ever wished your morning bowl of oatmeal was portable and snackable, you’re in luck! These chocolate chip-oat bars are beyond simple to throw together (you just need one bowl) and they are perfect for a sweet breakfast or delicious snack.

Divine Start Smoothie

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

When you drink this green machine, you have all of your bases covered: a handful of kale and spinach for a mild greens flavor and a ton of antioxidants, banana and date for just the right amount of sweetness, chia seeds for protein and omega-3 fatty acids, flax seeds for fiber and frozen coconut meat and coconut milk for healthy fat with plenty of coconut flavor.

Vegan breakfasts in a bowl

Red Smoothie Bowl

TODAY Illustration / Kevin Curry

Invigorate your smoothie game with fresh, fruity smoothie bowls topped with your choice of healthy, crunchy add-ons. You can boost the amount of protein by adding protein powder.

Natalie Morales' Homemade Coconut Granola

Getty Images

How many times have you heard or read that granola isn’t good for you? That’s because too often, there are all kinds of unnecessary sugars or oils mixed in. But granola is easy to make at home and really can be healthy if you keep it simple. Make it when you have some time and then enjoy it all week long on yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, ice cream or just by the handful.

Healthy Breakfast Ice Cream


Yes, you can eat ice cream for breakfast when you make this healthy vegan version. Top it with your favorite fruit, nuts, seeds or granola.

Vegan Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Joey Skladany

This pudding is incredibly decadent for a sweet morning fix but uses no heavy cream. For that reason, it’s soothing on temperamental guts and tasty enough for milk lovers and vegans alike to make it a breakfast staple.

Oatmeal with Pear and Almonds

Frances Largeman-Roth

To make your morning even better, Frances Largeman-Roth ups the fiber game in this vegan oatmeal bowl by adding pear and almonds, which provide extra flavor, crunch and — you guessed it! — fiber.

Açaí Smoothie Bowls

Catherine McCord

Why spend $12 to $15 on an açaí bowl at a cafe when you can make your own in just five minutes? This bowl is nutrient-dense, refreshing and tastes like ice cream. The best part is that you can top it with anything you love and have on hand, so have fun experimenting with toppings!

Energy Duo Smoothie Bowl

Courtesy Frances Largeman-Roth

Anyone who enjoys their workout in the morning, opt for this rich yet motivating smoothie bowl at least 15 minutes before exercise. It will take that long for the caffeine to kick in. Caffeine doesn’t just wake you up, it increases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that enhances focus and lets you work out harder without feeling like it’s a struggle.

Tropical Fruit and Nut Smoothie Bowl


Tired of the same old fruit combos in your vegan breakfast bowl? This one combines buttery raw cashew with spicy ginger, warm nutmeg and refreshing tropical produce like mango and banana. It’s nutritious for the belly and lively for the taste buds.

Overnight Oats with Figs

Jennifer Carroll

This is one of those set-it-and-forget-it-recipes that you can whip up in just 10 minutes the day before. Come morning, you’ll have a delicious, soothing bowl of oats ready to enjoy.

Cold Brew Overnight Oats

Courtesy Frances Largeman-Roth

Get a jump on your morning with this low sugar overnight oats recipe that combines slow-burning oats with a kick of caffeine.

Make-Ahead Slow-Cooker Maple Oatmeal

Casey Barber / TODAY

If you still haven’t tried making oatmeal in your slow cooker, you’re in for a real treat. This make-ahead oatmeal serves a whole houseful and couldn’t be easier to prepare the night before, so it’s perfect for lazy weekend mornings or busy weekdays.

Dylan Dreyer's Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal

Getty Images

Dylan makes this hearty, vegan oatmeal for her son, Calvin, all the time. Cinnamon and apple with some banana add natural sweetness.

On the savory side

Crispy Eggplant 'Bacon'

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Believe it or not, eggplant can be a delicious and healthy replacement for bacon. It’s also so easy to make. Serve it on everything from pancakes to breakfast sandwiches.

Pesto & Avocado Toast

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

This flavorful dish lands somewhere between crostini and avocado toast. A tasty pesto spread, juicy tomatoes and buttery avocado give the vegan breakfast staple a new spin.

Vegan Loaded Pizza Bagels

Ace Anderson / One Great Vegan / Courtesy Gabrielle Reyes

Pizza for breakfast? When it’s on a bagel, sure! “I’ve always loved pepperoni pizza since I was a little kiddo and I have been itching to develop a simple plant-based pepperoni substitute for years!” says Gabrielle Reyes aka One Great Vegan. “The meaty mushrooms really soak in the full, robust flavor, and since it is hard to find a fierce plant-based and gluten-free bread these days, I am obsessed with these beautiful bagels.”

Joy Bauer's Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter and Banana Toast

Joy Bauer

Looking to kick your morning meal up a nutritional notch? Try my sweet potato “toast.” You can use any toppings you like, but my kids love the traditional peanut butter and bananas. Check out what’s in season or what’s left in your fridge for some inspiration.

Healthy Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Every bite of this meal is bursting with flavor — it has the perfect combination of sweet and savory from the sweet potatoes, and sautéed black beans and kale. Plus, the cashew dressing adds lots of creaminess.

Avocado Toast With Grapefruit and Pomegranate Seeds

Andrea Lynn

Tart grapefruit and smooth avocado team up in this delicious avocado toast recipe that is quite pretty to look at. The sprinkling of pomegranate seeds add another level of juiciness and crunch, too.

Sweet Potato-Kale Hash

Tanya Holland

Bring more nutrients to the table with this satisfyingly savory breakfast hash made with kale and sweet potatoes.

Al's Garlic Avocado Toast


The thing that really sets Al Roker’s avocado toast apart from the many, many others is the fact that he rubs garlic on the bread after he toasts it. It’s a garlic bread-avocado toast mashup that satisfies that craving for a savory, hearty breakfast.

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